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How to Deal with Unknown Phone Calls

Getting Unknown Phone Calls?

Spam calls or unknown phone calls are on a rise these days all across the UK. Such calls often have IVR recordings being played as promotional or are a result of phishing attack aimed at taking down your vital card information.

The reports of frauds and scams have also gone up caused by callers from unknown numbers and this makes it essential to keep yourself secure.

How to inspect an unknown Phone Number?

If you are getting calls from an unknown no. then here are the steps you must take to detect the number and its location. Apart from this, if a no. is associated with a business then you can even get more details about that business. Here is what to do:

• Check the Number

Spam numbers are often unique, longer than any other usual no. and also carry weird prefix as they are usually dialed using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services.

• Sports Betting via Phone Calls

Most spam calls in UK are related to card fraud yet there are certain calls made to encourage people to bet on sports. Sports betting is legal in UK hence those calls cannot be termed as fraud. They are simply finding new customers to join the betting league. Although, for many, those calls are unwanted and people do not want to respond to such calls! Websites likes bestbetting-directory.com and betting-directory.net maintains records for phone numbers which are engaged in making betting calls.

• Use an updated phone no. information app

Use a mobile application like True Caller which gives details of incoming calls before you even pick them up. Apps like these will help you in knowing the name of the caller, the location from which the calls is being made (City and State), the network operator of the no. and other vital information. This information can only be made available if it is in the database of such applications.

• Check over the internet

If True Caller or any other similar app has failed to show you the desired results or didn’t provide any information then it is time to take help from the internet. Websites like phonenumbershelpline.com can help you in knowing more about the no. from which you are being called. This website has a database of UK phone numbers which are legit as well as those that are reported as spam. A quick search by simply entering the no. is enough to determine the identity of your caller!

One can visit these websites for further information over betting records!

What to do if you are getting SPAM calls?

If you are one of those who are being spammed over your phone then do not worry! You aren’t the only one being scammed. Here is how to handle such calls:

 Ignore the Call

Block if Necessary

The very first step is to ignore any suspicious calls. Do not pick them up without doing your homework as told above. If you are being repeatedly bothered by call coming from a particular no. which you know is spam, BLOCK it! Many phones have inbuilt feature of blocking a call whereby calls coming from blocked numbers are automatically rejected. If your phone lacks such feature than you can use any call blocking application for the same.

File a Report

Make Others Aware Too

If you have picked up the call and found out that a fraud is being planned after having a word with the caller, it is essential to report the matter to the police. Get in touch with the police department and give them all the details of the call as well as details of the conversation you had. This will enable police to be more aware about the types of fraud coming in and how to handle them. Now that you are aware about SPAM calls leading to frauds and how to handle such calls, it is time to spread some awareness. This information will be helpful for not just your family but friends and colleagues too. It will help in reducing the no. of frauds that are committed in UK over phones.

Apart from the websites above, there are many other sources of acquiring knowledge about who is calling you. For example, searching up the phone number on Facebook can help too in knowing the identity if the caller has created his account using the same phone number. Usually legit individuals have their no. added in their facebook account which makes it easier to differentiate between a spammer and a legitimate caller.

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