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How to Deal with Unknown Phone Calls

Getting Unknown Phone Calls?

Spam calls or unknown phone calls are on a rise these days all across the UK. Such calls often have IVR recordings being played as promotional or are a result of phishing attack aimed at taking down your vital card information.

The reports of frauds and scams have also gone up caused by callers from unknown numbers and this makes it essential to keep yourself secure. Read More...

Sport Spread Betting Abroad with a Tax Free Twist

Betting is often associated with illegalities; it is hard to imagine that spread betting, and the earning thereof, is actually tax free!

So Is It True That Spread Betting Attracts No Tax?

Yes, it does not attract tax. Those who spread bet do not incur the 18% tax expense for capital gain paid by shareholders on their trading profits (capital gain is the remaining amount after subtracting the amount you invested from the amount gained after sale). Betters do not incur stamp duty; they do not also get commissions per trade; only from spreading. The fact that this kind of betting is tax free means that there is an extra 18% return earned on trading profits because you get to save the amount that would otherwise be incurred as tax. Furthermore, this kind of betting does not attract dividend income tax, which is usually charged up to 50% for those earning high income. Read More...

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